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RSRC seeks to promote research by the (co-)organisation and sponsoring of international research colloquia. Here you may find a list of current and previous conferences that RSRC is engaged in.

Upcoming Conferences

Past Conferences

Land and Natural Resources in the Roman World
May 26-28, 2011, Brussels

This is the first of the three international conference we plan as part of the center's own research program on "Land and natural resources".
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Disparate bodies   "A capite ad calcem"
September 5-6, 2011, Antwerp

The aim of this conference is to critically consider definitions of disability in the Roman world. Scholars of various disciplines will consider how Roman understandings of mental and bodily conditions can be accessed; ultimately helping us to employ more precise terms and understandings of difference in modern scholarship on the subject.

RSRC organising participant: prof. Christian Laes
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Food, Identity and Cross-cultural Exchanges in Classical Antiquity
Ghent, 15-16 Dec., 2011

Co-organized by Ghent and Exeter.

This conference is asserting that one food culture never appears ex nihilo nor independently from foreign culinary cultures and influences. It will investigate the ethnic flavour of ancient food cultures. Is there one very distinct and stereotyped Greek and Roman eating culture or is it a dynamic food culture opened and influenced by foreign cultures?

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Roman Family VI: Limits and Borders of Childhood and Family
May 17-19 2012, Villa Lante, Rome


This conference is part of the research project “Religion and Childhood. Socialisation from the Roman Empire to Christian World” (2009 – 2012) of the university of Tampere (Finland). prof. Christian Laes of the RSRC participates in the project. The RSRC will co-finance the Rome conference.
RSRC organising participant: prof. Christian Laes
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Structural Determinants of Economic Performance in the Roman World
Brussels 4 June, 2012, Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten

This is the pilote workshop of the International Network 'Structural Determinants of Economic Performance in the Roman World'.

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Work, labour and Professions in the Roman Work
Ghent, May 30th, 2013, Het Pand

The second conference of the research program 'Factors of Production in the Roman World'.
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Constructing (an) imperial identity? Ritual and identity formation in the Roman world

Conference connected to the book project, part of the program on 'Social Rituals in the Roman World'
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Capital, Investment, and Innovation in the Roman World

A book publishing project of the research network Structural Determinants of Economic Performance in the Roman World
Edited by Paul Erdkamp, Koenraad Verboven and Arjan Zuiderhoek
Conference / open authors discussion meeting, 
Brussels 28th – 30th May 2015

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Singles in Roman Antiquity

Singleness is not only represented as a new and rapidly increasing lifestyle in the present days. It also became a fashionable field of research of social history. In a series of sessions of the European Social Science History Conference (Glasgow, 2012) questions were raised concerning the structural and cultural particularities of 'single life' in the cities. A conference at the University of Antwerp (Singles in the Cities of North-West Europe, c. 1000-2000) in March 2013 further expanded upon the insights from the Glasgow-conference....

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Imperium to Regnum: Italy in Late Antiquity
January 10-12, 2019, Ghent

RSRC organisers Jeroen Wijnendaele and Lieve Van Hoof
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Popular Political Participation beyond Athens: The Assemblies of the Greek Cities from Homer to Constantine
May 27-28, 2022, Ghent

RSRC organisers Thierry Oppeneer and Arjan Zuiderhoek
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Letters and Politics in Late Antiquity
Ghent, Belgium, May 31 – June 2, 2023

RSRC organiser Lieve Van Hoof, Marijke Kooijman, Matthijs Zoeter
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Standardisation and Localism in the Legal and Economic world of the Romans
Brussels and Ghent 8-10 June 2023

RSRC organisers Emilia Mataix, Koenraad Verboven, Paul Erdkamp
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Wine and institutions in the ancient world
Ghent, Belgium, December 7-8, 2023

RSRC organiser Dimitri Van Limbergen