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2012-2015 Entrepreneurial networks in the Roman business world. Kinship, trust and cooperation and the impact of empire
post-doctoral project Wim Broekaert, supervisor Koen Verboven
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2014-2017 Provincial Assemblies in the Roman West. A Study of the  Socio-Economic Impact of Concilia on Gaul, Germania, and Britannia (12 B.C. – A.D. 284)
post-doctoral project Lindsey Vandevoorde, supervisor Koen Verboven
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2014-2017 Explaining urban vitality in times of crisis. A study into the impact of economic integration and intraregional migration on urbanism in Late Roman Africa
post-doctoral project Wouter Vanacker
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2013-2017 Elites and urban food supply in Roman Asia Minor: intervention and generosity
PhD project Nicolas Solonakis, supervisor Arjan Zuiderhoek, co-supervisor Paul Erdkamp
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2014-2018 The 'Craftsmen Guilds' (collegia fabrum) in the Roman West in the Imperial period
PhD project Kasey Reed, supervisor Koen Verboven
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2012-2016 Textile Manufacture in Roman Egypt
PhD project Ruben Menten-Plesters, supervisor Paul Erdkamp, co-supervisor Koen Verboven
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